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CYBERSPYCLOWN is a professional when it comes to Whatsapp account recovery and hacks.

In this tabs we will explain to you how our service works. Read it carefully. Send us a message and ask your doubts in case you have. Do not place an order without first having read, understood and agreed the Terms and Conditions here in.
|The Rules and Procedures are not neither flexible nor negotiable. As a customer, you can agree with them at all or reject them at all, but you can’t change anything.
a| This is an informative message and you are not committed to anything, but if you place an order, you will have to fulfill all its spots, without justification in case if non-reading or misunderstanding.
b| There are no small letters or hidden rules with us. You know everything in advance. You know what is the price, the payment method, how long it will take to get one password, what will be the proof. You know everything. It is your responsibility and yours alone to ensure that you can fulfill and respect the entire process.
c| In case you break any of the rules on this contract, we reserve the right to take the actions we deem appropriate, including inform the target about the service, or posting your personal data on the internet. You will receive what you give. If you fulfill the contract, we will be your best ally. If you break it, we will be foes.

The price to track an end-end whatsapp messenger encryption chat must be paid AT ONCE.
After Unencryption, we guarantee to obtain the following information from its owner:
• |Contact List
• |Broadcast List If any
• |Groups
• |Status/Chats
The Data we will provide you won’t permit you deleting the person account from whatsapp.

Our service is 100% effective and discreet. There is no possibility of failure. We will not leave any trace and no one will suspect anything.
|The estimated time to grant access into the whatsapp database where all user information is stored it takes from 5 to 10hours, depending of the queued orders before yours and the system’s complexity.
a. There is available an Urgent Service with an extra cost of 20 dollars. It will grant you priority over other orders and reduce the waiting time to the half.

After to receive the proof as stated in the previous spot, you will have to make the payment in a maximum of 24 hours.
a| In case of delay with the payment, there will be a fine of 10 US Dollars per each delayed day
b| We will not accept any kind of justification. If you are delayed even a single minute from the maximum time, you will have to pay the fine. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, even if it is due to something beyond your responsibility. If we receive a delayed payment without including the fine, we will not deliver the order until have received the remaining payment.

By doing this we strongly believe that you have gone through our T&C on this website.
The Whatsapp handle or email address from which you want to get the password.
If you want a regular or an urgent service. Remember that urgent services incures an additional fee.
|Tell us that you have already read the Rules and Procedures at our website.
|The Whatsapp Number and Country Code.
|If you want a regular or an urgent service. Remember that urgent services have an additional fee.


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