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CYBERSPYCLOWN is a professional when it comes to Phone|Mobile Devices Data recovery and hacks.

In this tabs we will explain to you how our service works. Read it carefully. Send us a message and ask your doubts in case you have. Do not place an order without first having read, understood and agreed the Terms and Conditions here in.
|This service is to invade a mobile device, and will allow you to access all the information within it and control it as you wish. In order to do this work, the target device must have a SIM Card inside. This is necessary because our method to invade it consists of attack and penetrate the phone network.
Simply explained, what the SIM Card does is provide a mobile phone signal to the device.
Every device that has a SIM Card will be in permanent connection with the satellite.
As a test, and to understand all this better, take your cell phone and check if it has coverage. Has? Unless you are in the middle of nowhere, you probably have coverage. This is because your cell phone is constantly sending and receiving data with the satellite. What we do is intercept that satellite signal and use it as a gateway to invade the device through it.

The price of our service will depend on what you want to get.
We have available 3 different packages.

|1st Package – NEGOTIABLE – It will allow you to spy 1 (one) messaging app of your choice. A messaging app can be, for example: Whatsapp, Telegram, Snapchat, Viber, Line, Kik, etc.
If you want to spy more than one, it will be possible for an extra fee of 20 US Dollars per each.

|2nd Package – NEGOTIABLE – It will allow you to spy all the messaging apps installed on the device, and in addition to that, it will include all SMS (sent and received) and you can also listen to the calls (made and received).

|3rd Package – NEGOTIABLE – Includes everything in the Full Social package, and you can also access the photo and video gallery; activate the front or back camera to spy, record videos and take photos in a hidden way; activate the microphone to listen to the environment and record audios in a hidden way; check the GPS as well as see a history to know where the device is or has been at all times; access the social network apps that have been installed (e.g: Facebook, Instagram); access the dating apps that have been installed (e.g: Tinder, Happn, Badoo); access the emails that have been configured; access the contacts; and if the person has passwords stored from whatever (emails, social networks, or other apps or websites), you can see them.

Our service is valid to invade any mobile device like a cell phone or tablet. The only requirement is that the device must have a SIM Card.
a. It doesn’t matter if the device is old or new, neither the brand nor the model.
b. If the device you want to invade has two or more SIM Cards inserted, the work can be done with any of them.
c. To carry out the work, we only need to know the phone number of the device to attack. Nothing else.
d. It will take us 12hours for invading the device but If you want it swift we negotiate and give result by 3-4 hours.

|All the information of the package you have hired, can be viewed through an online interface which is accessed here.
In case you hire a service with us, and when it is time to deliver it, we will give you a password so that you can log in and see everything.
a. You can login to our online platform from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. All you need is to have an internet connection.
b. All the information will be received in real time. At the same moment that a message is sent or received, or any action is executed, you can see it immediately, and if you wish, you can configure alerts, so that our system will notify your email when a conversation with someone is established, or something that you are wanting to monitor happens.
c. The owner of the invaded device will never receive any alert and the device will continue to work as usual. Our service is 100% safe and discreet. No one will ever be able to identify you.

Since the moment you place an order, we will start to work on it immediately, and therefore, it is not possible to cancel or change it. If you still have doubts, do not place an order. Do it only when you’re absolutely sure that you really want it. It is not possible to regret once the order is done, and you also can’t argue that you’ve made a mistake or gave us a wrong email. In any case, the problem will be yours, and you will have to pay anyway.
|Your will access the online monitoring for 5-months and renewal for additional months are 100USD.
Since you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, and want to place an order, just send a message to any of our official Whatsapp handle or email address at :+1 (740) 315-8738 | and send us all the following required information:
Tell us that you have already read the Rules and Procedures at our website.
The phone number of the device you want to invade/spy and remember also to tell us from which country is that number.
The package you want to hire: Basic, Full Social, or Complete.
If you want a regular or an urgent service. Remember that urgent services have an additional fee.


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