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Often undercover investigations are undertaken to reveal theft, or drug sales/drug use in the workplace, however, undercover investigations can also have other unique benefits. Undercover investigations can be a valuable source of information about the true internal operations of any business enterprise. Whether it is a corporate office environment, a factory or warehouse, a restaurant/bar, or a retail establishment, CSC’s undercover operatives can provide business owners and management with an inside look at what is actually occurring in their workplace.

Undercover investigations must be managed carefully and with effectively. Frequent debriefings of the undercover are imperative and daily contact is crucial. Call us for a free consultation to determine if an undercover investigation would benefit your company.

We hire only the most experienced and professional investigators available and we promise confidentiality, safety, and professionalism at all times.

Our investigators will begin by learning as much as possible about the individual you are looking for, then they’ll use their years of experience and knowledge to connect the clues discovered during the investigation. If you have lost touch with a family member, loved one or old friend, or a child that has run away from home, our investigators have the experience to help locate the missing persons who matter the most to you.

The overwhelming majority of the world’s business documents are being drafted on computers and with today’s reliance on e-mail, instant messaging and internet business, various types of evidence can be identified and obtained from computers. CSC has a computer forensics investigations team comprised of experts with real-world experience and training, with the ability to identify and recover all relevant evidence and information that may exist on a computer or electronic storage device. This includes recovering items such as photos, videos, e-mails, websites visited, deleted documents, uninstalled software, etc. We provide computer forensics investigations anywhere in the US. This type of forensic investigation should not be compared to or confused with the type of searches the average IT technician or computer consultant would conduct. CSC’s investigators utilize complex investigative techniques, evidentiary preservation techniques and specialized investigative software to identify and retrieve each file or fragment, often including deleted items and fragments that other ordinary computer technicians would not obtain.

To conduct a thorough background check, our investigators begin with searches in multiple online databases all information is cross checked and vetted for accuracy. Additionally, investigators will obtain and review public documents at courthouses and municipal offices throughout the country and if requested will conduct interviews with a subject’s professional and personal references.

Background checks are a necessary fact of life for businesses today. However, not everyone understands that there is an enormous difference in the quality of pre-employment screening. Internet websites offering background screening and only charge $19.95 will not provide verified, vetted, accurate information conducted by licensed investigators who possess the expertise and experience to know what they are doing.

As private investigators, we will work with your legal counsel and uncover evidence or information that will support your case. Our investigators can provide knowledge about a spouse’s real activities and document these activities which will often provide enormous leverage and advantage in the litigation process.

Evidence of misconduct can be obtained by our investigators during the surveillance operations conducted in regards to a divorce or child custody case. The physical surveillance can be augmented by modern technology such as GPS tracking and can be used to establish evidence of activities such as: infidelity, child endangerment or neglect, and financial misconduct.

When you believe that your spouse has hidden assets, it’s best to start investigating your household and business finances before tipping your hand and initiating divorce proceedings. Consider having CSC’s investigators conduct an examination of computers in the home that may contain valuable information or evidence that you may be unaware of.

Cyberspyclown provides our corporate and individual clients with asset searches for a variety of purposes. Asset investigations often start with conducting searches on industry specific or proprietary databases, however, to obtain the crucial details there is no database. Here at CSC, we have spent years establishing a network of nationwide and worldwide “sources” that include strategic partnerships with licensed investigators we have worked with for years.

CSC’s Due Diligence Investigations will provide comprehensive background information and intelligence regarding the subject’s personal and business reputations, records of litigation and disputes and other identified or undisclosed concerns enabling our clients to invest successfully, resolve disputes and preserve the integrity of their brand, reputation and employees. The end result is a detailed profile of any issue of concern enabling the client to manage their position in the proposed transaction.

Cyberspyclown (CSC) believes all security assessments are not created equally. Although many in the industry have taken the easy cookie cutter approach when conducting assessments every institution and every individual has different needs. Please read the following to understand why the CSC philosophy will deliver enhanced safety to every property or individual we work with.


We are certified ethical hackers, private investigators and cyber security agency.

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