From the Golden Globes to the concert venues- to the airports, we’ve been there.CYBERSPYCLOWN is a leader in Celebrity Protection and Bodyguard Services to the Entertainment Industry.

Unlike the overweight “bodyguards” depicted on Magazines and Television, our Celebrity Protection and Bodyguard Agents are clean-cut professionals with one objective in mind; to keep our Clients safe. Stalking, Harassment and unwanted Paparazzi attention, are all concerns for our Agency.

Both in Europe, Asia, Australia and America, our Agents are prepared to deploy on short notice. We offer Airport pick-up services to the Talent, and provide a protective escort during the entire project. In addition, our Celebrity Protection and Bodyguard program is available on both an hourly and flat fee billing schedule.

Celebrity Clients have unique needs. CYBERSPYCLOWN takes pride in creating a lasting atmosphere of Trust and Loyalty. That means; we value the privacy of our Clients, and realize there are predators who would seek to gain any piece of “marketable intelligence”, we may be aware of. To that end, we maintain strict standards and contracts with regard to non-disclosure agreements with our Agents. You can rest assured, your privacy and trust are of paramount concern.

We welcome Business from Production Agencies, Individual Talent and their Managers. Give – CYBERSPYCLOWN – an opportunity to prove our value, and earn your Trust.


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